City with beautiful old town by the sea.


Bari Old Town

A beautiful city in the south of Italy, that is close to a couple of other really popular destinations such as Polignano a mare, Monopoli or Trullo houses.  It has a lovely maze-like old town that you can just walk around most of your day and feel as in Italy that you have seen in movies.

Tight narrow streets, scooters and cute little cars delivering fresh ingredients to the local stores, you can try local snacks and treats that people put out in front of their houses, try really good focaccia as well as gelatos and at the end of the day or the walk thru the old town you can just relax on a bench by the port surrounded by palm trees. This city can also act as a base to seeing other places around it as it has a train station with connection all over Italy(Below in how to get to bari you can find more information about train). Also, bari has everything, from popular brands such as h&m, Zara or Bershka to designer brands, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc.

How to get to Bari ?

*Green – My Experience *Red – I haven’t tried but I researched it for you guys.

By Plane

You can get to Bari by Airplane with many different Airlines. Main would be Wizzair or Ryanair (You can check all the airlines operating at Bari Airport here under “Airlines and destinations”)


Depending on where you are flying, if from London you can sometimes even get it 13£ for one way, but for both ways I would look into on average 40-70£ (Of course depending on from where and what date, prices vary)

Best is to go on Google Flights and compare the prices there as you can see the calendar with all the prices.

Tip 1 – To save up a bit of money, you don’t need to choose a seat while booking a flight, you can just skip recommendations and after check-in, they assign random seat to you for free of charge, no need to pay 5-10£ for a seat and both ways it would be sometimes even 20£.

Now, how to get to bari city from Airport 

You can take a taxi, train, metro, or rent a car. But the cheapest option is the bus.

You can buy the ticket in the library on the first floor at the airport. It is called “relay” and It’s red, looks like this.Library in bari airport

Just go to the cashier and ask for a bus ticket to bari.

The ticket costs €1 per person (You can also buy it with the driver on the bus, but i think you have to have exact change and it costs something like €1.20 or €1.30)

The buses to bari are located outside of the Airport by the entrance to Metro.

Just wait for bus number 16 here and go all the way to the last stop at “Piazza Aldo Moro” which is right in front of Bari Train station, it takes about 40-60 min.

The buses roughly go every 1 hour from 5:25 am till 10:30 pm

Here is the exact Time table of 16 bus 

Here is an official website with all the buses in Bari and their timetable

By Train

You can get to bari by Train, from all cities with the operating train station all around Italy. From, Milano, Venice, Rome, Lecce etc It is not that cheap if you go from further away from cities like Milan, for example, cheapest is 70£ and its 9 hours on the train.

But I still recommend travelling by train around Italy if you can’t rent a car due to your young age and your budget because if you are below 25yo, they price it higher. Especially short distances of up to 2 hours, for example from Bari to Brindisi or Lecce.  To go from Bari to Polignano a mare it costs €2.34

You can use the TrainLine website to check the times, duration and prices and even buy a ticket.

What to see in Bari?


  1. Old town and Port Area
  2. Basilica San Nicola
  3. Parco 2 Giugno
  4. Polignano A Mare
  5. Monopoli

There are not many really specific places to see in Bari itself, as for example in London, big ben, London eye, London bridge etc. Most people go to Bari to go to their really beautiful Old town where you can just walk around all day and get lost in its maze-like roads. As well as to visit other beautiful cities like Polignano a mare or Monopoli. But here are a few key places that you should visit when stopping in Bari.

  • Old town and Port Area

It’s hard to show on the picture how beautiful and unique this place is, you can’t hear the sounds, you can’t see it all around you, you can’t smell the foods that were prepared in each of the houses that you walk past, this place is truly unique like no others. You can get easily lost in its maze-like roads, but that’s not the problem thats the part of the experience, just go where ever you feel like to go, don’t need to follow all the tourists (Just don’t accidentally get into someone’s home). You will most likely end up by the port area toward the end of your exploration of the old town.

On the way, you can find many souvenir shops, local foods places outside of homes, some tiny restaurants with really good food or gelato(Quick tip, wherever you go, any country, it doesn’t hurt to check quick google reviews on the place you are about to enter and don’t know much about. It will save you disappointment and money.)

To get to the old town, you just have to keep going straight when you exit the train station. You will walk thru the main area in front with palm trees and fountain, you will then on the way have designer brands as well as other popular clothing brands.

Here is gallery with few pictures that i have taken in the Old town as well as few pictures by the port area.

  • Basilica San NicolaBasilica san nicola in bari

Interesting and unique Basilica where 2 religions meet, Roman Catholic and Orthodox. It has really beautiful and detailed paintings inside on the ceiling that is a must-see. It was built in 1089 so it is really interesting to see a place that’s been built nearly 1000 years ago. It is an easy find as it is located in the old town. The entry is free, so you can just walk in and enjoy the peace that’s inside.

  • Parco 2 GiugnoBari parco 2 guigno

Picture by Marco Rosato

A beautiful park full of green plants as well as other colourful plants as you can see on the picture, you can also spot a lot of turtles and goldfish in the water. It is one of the biggest parks in the city and for sure the most beautiful out of them. You can come here for a walk and relax, it is worth visiting if you have extra time in Bari as its located a bit on the other side of the train station (not the side where you go towards old town), it takes about 20-25min walk to the park from the train station.

Make sure to visit most popular places close to bari such as Polignano a Mare which is popular for its cliffs, beach between the cliffs and majestic views as well as visiting Monopoli which has plenty of nice beaches to choose from

Best Places To Travel To From Bari

Where to eat in Bari

  1. Il Rustico
  2. Pizzeria L’atra Bari Napoli
  3. Bari-Napoli
  4. Oriente
  5. Cibo
  6. Atena Focacce
  7. Gelateria Gentile – Bari
  • Il Rustico

    Picture by Denis Gabriel

    Really recommend this place, the pizzas and other menu options are really tasty and the prices are cheap, a menu of €10 can be enough for 2 people, also the serving is quick. Make sure to visit this place when you going to old town or back to the train station as it is located right between just a bit off to the left.

  • Pizzeria l’altra Bari Napoli

Picture by Nicola Armenise

You can often find great pizza in Bari, but this one is closest to original Neapolitan pizza. The menu is large consisting of 30 pizzas, the staff is friendly, it is not the cheapest pizza but also not that expensive. If you are going on weekends evenings make sure to reserve otherwise during weekdays and not evening you don’t have to. It is also located a really short walk away from the park that I described above.

  • Bari-Napoli

Picture by Donato Fasano

Another great pizza place in Bari, this one located on the side of bari where the old town is. They have great pizzas with a various choice as well as pasta dishes at a reasonable price. They offer 3 types of crust and gluten free options.

  • Oriente

Picture by Giuliano Pegorer

Fresh and quality sandwiches as well as other baked or deep-fried food as you can see on picture. Sandwiches taste good and they are not that expensive as you can see, prices ranging from €1 to €5 , sandwiches mainly for €3.50

  • Cibò

Picture by 岡坂有紗

A great place to try Bari’s popular “panzerotti” as well as other Italians “fast foods”. Prices are cheap and the food is quite filling so it is great place to get some quick, tasty and cheap meal. It is located in the old town and the staff speak good English.

  • Atena Focacce

Picture by Олег Покровский

An amazing and tasty quick snack or even lunch you can have for really cheap. Popular in this region focaccia with various toppings, you can get 1 big slice for about €1 to €1.50. Make sure to visit this place when going to the old town or returning from as it is right on the way to the old town, going from the train station all the way straight.

  • Gelateria Gentile – Bari

Picture by Anat Veikherman

I think the best tasting Gelato we got in Bari. They have very tasty flavours and also lactose-free options as well as gluten-free cones. The service is great and they speak good English. Make sure to try pistachio gelato as it is really delicious flavour by many visiting this place but dont skip on others i don’t think you can go wrong with any taste.

Best Places to travel to from Bari

  •  Polignano a mare

A beautiful and breathtaking place that it’s just about 30 minutes ride on the train from Bari (About €2.50). It has a white pebble beach surrounded by cliffs, this beach can be crowded anytime you go as you can see on the picture. Here you can have a relaxing swim between the cliffs, you can even jump from the cliffs as other people do that you will probably see or you can just walk around the city and relax on the cliffs, also popular for tourists to just relax there watch people jump from cliffs and take pictures. It also has those typical pretty Italian narrow streets that take you to the viewing point where this picture was taken from. In real life, it’s really breathtaking. A must when you are in Bari.

  • Monopoli 

Another really popular and beautiful city next to Bari, that is a must-visit. Not only it has a really nice town and buildings, but it has long coastline full of beautiful white-sand beaches. You can walk down from the train station to the coastline thru the city(10-15 min) and then you can just walk along and pick any beach that suits you best, we walked for ab0ut 20-30 minutes in order to find really nice beaches without too many people. One of them that you can see on the picture is called “Cala di Porto Verde”. There are also a couple of other beaches around this one. Really recommend this City for the beaches.

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