Malapascua - Small
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A beautiful island that gained its popularity mainly for diving and being able to spot thresher sharks but there is more than that. Pristine crystal clear water that surrounds the island as well as white sand beaches and all that on a small island that you can walk from one end to the other in about 40min. Definitely, a place where you can relax and enjoy the sunset swinging on a hammock and experience real local life.


How to get to Malapascua?

*Green – My Experience *Red – I haven’t tried but I researched it for you guys.

How to get from Dumaguete to Cebu

Step 1: From Dumaguete to Sibulan port
Option 1 to Sibulan port by Tricycle
  • Go to Dumaguete port
    • By Tricycle = 10-30php
    • (You can maybe ask tricycle driver if he could go straight from the place where you live to Sibulan port for 150-200php, if not then just go Dumaguete port for 10-30php(Depending on where you live), and take another tricycle to Sibulan Port)
  • Trike to Sibulan port for = 120-150php
Option 2 to Sibulan port by jeepney/minivan
  • Go to the fruit market
    • By tricycle = 10-30php (depending from how far you are coming)
  • Walk to building number 3 (Use google maps, or walk around the market until you find a bay with minivans/jeepneys)
  • Get into a minivan that has “sibulan” written on it, but before getting in always ensure and ask the driver if it’s going to sibulan port.
    • Price of this minivan = 11peso per person
    • It leaves once it’s full and can be really crowded like sardines, it’s not that bad considering the ride is only about 20-25min and the price is only 11pesos

Step 2: From Sibulan Port to Liloan Port and then to Cebu

  • Ferry to liloan from sibulan port
    • No need to book/reserve as the boats go every hour, 1:00>2:00 etc
    • 75php per person (You buy tickets in the ticket counter)
  • Ceres bus to Cebu from Liloan port(They will be right outside when you get off from ferry, just ask if they going to Cebu to ensure)
    • Cost- 235php per person (Make sure to give exact change or ask if they have change as they not always give the change back)
    • Takes roughly 4-5 hours
    • It stops a few times and has refreshment and toilet break

Rest in Cebu book some Airbnb/

Because you won’t be able to make it to Maya port for the last boat anyway. (4:00 pm is the last boat but the bus takes 4-5 hours from Cebu to Maya)

How to get to Malapascua from Cebu

Step 1 : Get to the Cebu’s North bus terminal

  • Take a Grab to Cebu’s North bus terminal (Costs roughly 80-120pesos depending on where you coming from)

Step 2 : Go to New Maya port From North bus terminal

Option 1: To New Maya port by bus

  • Ceres bus to New Maya port (Big yellow bus)
    • 200php roughly
    • Depart before 10 am so you can make it for the last boat to Malapascua from Maya
    • The bus takes 4 hours and the bus is every about 1 hour
    • Stops after 2 hours for toilet and refreshments

Option 2: To New Maya port by Minivan

When you enter North bus terminal thru the gate the minivans are on the right side by the tiny shops(where the buses exit), it is way faster, takes about 3-3:30h hours.

They wait till the minivan is full, like really full, you will think there is no way, more people will fit inside but they will pull out foldable seat and then another one where you thought no way because it’s just half of the seat but there you are they fit 18people with the driver into this tiny van and we sit like a sardines(If you are tall/have long legs or can’t sit for more than 1:30h without moving your feet because there is no space then I would really not recommend you this option). They make a stop for about 15 min after about 1 and half hour by some nice shop with nice cookies and other bakery food that I recommend you to get some)
Personally I would take a bus which takes longer but you have way more leg space, however, if you are late at around 11 am then just take the van in order to make it for the last boat into Malapascua if you are before 10 am then take the bus.

Cost of the minivan =250pesos per person

Step 3 : New Maya port to Malapascua

  • In New port, Maya go to the ticket counter and buy a boat ticket to Malapascua
    • 100php per person
    • 45min ride, the boat goes every 30 min
    • Last boat 4:00 pm
    • *Note = 100php only when there is a minimum of 15 people, If it’s less then 15 then people can split the cost of boat journey between each other(1500pesos). However, I’m not sure fully because when we went there were only 3 people and i only paid 200pesos per person, so not sure how that works.


  • No ATM’s – Only cash everywhere on the island
  • Need to walk from boat to the beach while arriving in Malapascua, so will need to have flip flops or just take your shoes off.
  • Bring your own medication, there is no pharmacy. Especially some anti-diarrhoea medications. Same as Aloe vera for sunburns. There is 1 shop that has some medications and aloe vera but they are usually overpriced and not a lot of choices. 

What to see in Malapascua?

  1. Bounty Beach
  2. Langob Beach
  3. Lighthouse Beach
  4. Tepanee Resort Beach
  5. Day Trip to Kalanggaman Island
  6. Island Hopping
  • Bounty Beach

Bounty beach Malapascua

Picture by

This is the main beach of the island, long white sandy stretch of beach, also that’s where a lot of the boats are parked. It has hammocks where you can use them for free. It has Restaurants, dive shops and most of the resorts. Can be loud during the evening due to karaoke around and can be crowded (especially in touristic seasons April etc). It is a nice beach to relax and chill for the first day but there are better beaches on the island worth spending more time.

  • Langob Beach

Langob beach in malapascua islandPicture by Paloma_traveler

Located at the end of the island, peaceful quiet white sand beach with beautiful views, clear water and barely any crowds, most likely you will have all beach to your self. You can get here by getting a motorcycle ride that people offer, for 40 pesos per person. They usually hang out and offer rides for tourists by Bounty Beach, the market/bbq place and by Langob Beach itself so you don’t have to worry about walking back.(See how to travel around Malapascua)

  • Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse beach in MalapascuaPicture by Reisestark

An incredible beach where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset and have a nice walk to the beach, it has a bar with pretty nice drinks and food.
Go here after a day spent at Langob beach because it’s right next to, so you can relax on bamboo sunbeds under the shadow of a huge tree. This beach is also good for snorkelling.

  • Tepanee Resort Beach

Tepanee beach resort malapascuaPicture by Tepanee Beach Resort

Beautiful and clean beach owned by the Tepanee Resort. You don’t need to book a stay there to access the beach, non-guests are also allowed to the beach but before you go beach you need to register in the reception. There are also umbrellas that are free for guests, but non-guests need to pay 200php for each umbrella. A nice place where you can just relax on the beach, suntan and swim in the turquoise water.

  • Day trip to Kalanggaman IslandKallangaman island

Picture by Stefano Vicenzetto

A breathtaking island that you can come to from Malapascua for as low as 800php. It has a beautiful white sandy beach and crystal clear turquoise water. It is one of the examples of what the Philippines has to offer, places that look like a paradise, where you can for sure relax and have a nice getaway. You can do a day trip or you can even stay the night in a tent for 500php.

Travel tips/notes

  • Day trip – 800-1000php with lunch included + 500php Entrance fee for foreigners and 150php for locals
  • The boat ride is 1:30-2hours
  • The boat takes from Cocobana beach resort at around 9 am and returns 3-4 pm
  • The most breathtaking place and one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines
  • You can buy water bottles as well as other snacks on the island but bring your own drinking water just in case and power banks.
  • You can also spend the night in a tent for 200-500php, as well as in Tippi houses you can rent on the island for 1000Php(But the entrance fee will be more by 200php for staying a night more)
  • There is a toilet and shower room, so don’t worry, just bring your own toilet paper or wet wipes.
  • Don’t forget about sunscreen!
  • There are some places you can buy drinks or snacks (Sometimes you can even get some BBQ) but if you planning to stay overnight you should bring some of your own food, just remember to not leave the trash anywhere on the island, keep it clean!
  •  Jeter Resort in Kalanggaman offers various activities, including :
      • Jet Ski – 4500/hour
      • Snorkelling – 200/2 hours
      • Kayak – 150/hour
      • Banana Boat – 500/ride / 5 people
      • Fat bike: 150/hour
      • As well as rental of Tippi Houses for 1000php
  • It is also a good spot for snorkelling.

How to get to Kalanggaman Island?

What does the day on Kalanggaman Island look like?

Ask around in dive shops, most dive shops/resorts have a Kalanggaman Island tour that they offer and can organize it for you, the cost is usually around 1000php, sometimes 800 sometimes 1200 and that includes lunch and entrance fee. Even resorts or places where you stay can often organize it too. Often when you walk around the island of Malapascua, you get offers from many different people, shop vendors to random people walking by offering you different kind of trips, from Kalanggaman island, being main as well as Island hopping to just offering you rides around the island etc.

Time: 9 am-3/4pm

Cost: 800-1200php per person + 500php foreigner entrance fee or 150php fee if you are local.

Journey by boat from Malapascua to Kalanggaman Island takes about 1:30h to 1:50h, then you can have fun, walk around the island go to the beach swim, snorkel and usually, you have to come back to the boat at around 12/1 pm it depends on the drivers they will always tell you when to come back for lunchtime. It is usually a nice Filipino BBQ, fish, chicken, Lechon really tasty, they also give you some soda or water to drink(That’s all included in the price).

Then after you eat, you can go out of the boat again and enjoy the rest of your day in paradise. You need to get back to the boat when they tell you, usually it’s around 3 pm so you will have another about 2 hours.

  • Island Hopping

It takes usually around 3-4 hours and you stop in 3-4 places. Costs from 800-1200php depending on the choices of the islands and how long you would want to spend on each island, this includes snorkel equipment for 2 guests.

You can also arrange it at the place that you are staying, they will be more than happy to help you, if not you can try other resorts or dive shops around the island, many people also offer you island hopping or other trips when you just walk around the island, whether a shop vendor or some random people you walk by. For example, we got once offered 1200 for island hopping we said that we are just first day here and not sure when we will do it(Sometimes they can be a little bit too pushy with their offers and i don’t like being rushed so i found this cool trick that you can say “Oh nice, can i have your contact info/number so i can contact you later on about it” and they always give you their number and stop pressuring you so you can just walk away and think about it in peace.) Next person offered 1000 then when we said no as we not sure yet he lowered it to 800 so again i asked for contact details.

Where to eat in Malapascua

  1. Amihan Restaurant & Pizzeria
  2. Angelina Beach Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano
  3. Bakhaw Kiwi
  4. Ging Ging’s Restaurant
  • Amihan restaurant & pizzeria

Amihan Restaurant MalapascuaPicture by Amihan Restaurant & Pizzeria 

A really must visit restaurant while in Malapascua, not only because of the great view over the beach it has to offer but also that the food is really tasty as well as the staff really friendly and service is quick. Perfect spot for romantic dinner. They have a wide variety of outstanding Italian food at not cheap but affordable price. Apart from this, they have also the best coffee on the island as well as good wines, also you get free limoncello at the end!

  • Angelina Beach Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano

Picture by Angelina Beach Pizzeria

Another Italian restaurant that is worth visiting while in Malapascua, especially if you are craving good pizza or pasta. It has best-tasting pizza on the island and also has good coffee and wine to offer as well as friendly staff and quick service. Apart from all this it also has good gelatos to offer, you should try mango flavour gelato. The food is reasonably priced, you should definitely come here for pizza and their ice cream.

  •  Bakhaw Kiwi

Bakhaw kiwi restaurant in MalapascuaPicture by Nebo Bo

A place where you can taste really good local home cooked food. They have many varieties of Filipino dishes, and they are all good and fresh. Just a note that sometimes it might take a bit of time to wait for the food so don’t come super hungry and expect it to be served super quick. Also, you should order in advance to get priority over walk-in people, this is only during busy times for example where everyone goes for dinner or lunch. The prices are also reasonably priced, not cheap but in exchange, you get a pretty large meal and it tastes really good and you dine in a beautiful garden.

  • Ging Ging’s Restaurant

Picture by Semi L Trip Advisor

One of the cheapest restaurants you can find in Malapascua, the main meals start at 100php. The food is good, waiting times are good although it depends on the time you eat.  If you are on the budget side or even if you aren’t but want to eat something good you can visit this place for sure.

For all other restaurants list, with reviews and pictures, you can visit this link of all the restaurants in Malapascua

Apart from all the restaurants and food places listed here, you can always go to the market during the evening (Its close to bounty beach) and there you can eat good barbeque for cheap

How to travel around Malapascua?

You don’t need to worry about travelling around Malapascua, since its relatively small island. 

  • Walk

You can walk to all of the places on the island, as it is a small island. From bounty beach to Langob beach you can walk within 30-40min, however, because of the temperature and sun, I would recommend option below unless you like walking.

  • Get motorbike/scooter ride

You can get a ride to Langob beach from the area around bounty beach for 40php per person, takes roughly about 5 minutes.
You can find the bikes easily, just walk around a bit and there will be people offering a ride. They are mainly located at the entry into the Logon beach at the Aroi mak traditional Thai food and next to Malapascua Starlight resort which is by the market place. On the way back for example from Langob Beach, they are also by the area where they dropped you off waiting for people offering rides. This way of travelling around Malapascua is the most convenient way, if you are traveling as 2 people, you will have to get 2 bikes, only driver and 1 passenger fit on the bike, but don’t worry they will get some friend or some other driver for you guys.

  • Motorbike tour

You can also get a motorcycle tour around Malapascua, a day tour costs from 600-800php or 200php per hour including the driver. This includes going to a couple of beaches and other places around the island. The roads are narrow so there are no cars, only motorbikes, there are some places where you could rent a scooter but it’s really not worth it as you can go around the island by foot anywhere and on bike you can get lost within the really narrow roads so its best to have local driver (Tour or as above) or go by foot, plus rental of the scooter can range from 500-800 a day which is not that cheap, comparing that you can just get ride to the beach and back for 80php.

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