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Maldives of Philippines


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Manjuyod White sandbar, which is placed just about 1-2 hours away from Dumaguete city. This place is often called “the Maldives of the Philippines“. It is a breathtaking 6-7 kilometre long stretch of white sand in the middle of the sea with few cottages rising about 4 meters above sea level. You can walk for hours to the other end of the sandbar, it is a perfect place if you want to be far away from the city.

How to get to Manjuyod Sand bar?

  • From Dumaguete

(As on how to get to Dumaguete, you can visit our Dumaguete Guide which has this information in details)

Would be best if you can be here before the sunrise(before 6am) so you can also get on the boat and see dolphins, second best is to arrive 6-7am, ultimately no later than 8:30am so you can get on the boat with other tourists and split a fare as most people go these times.

You take the bus from Ceres Bus terminal in Dumaguete.

(You can also take a tricycle to Bais, which might be not as comfy as bus + more expensive 1000php per tricycle, you can split the fare with other 4-5 as its how many people tricycle can fit, but really bus is way comfy and cheaper even if travelling in a group.)

ceres terminal dumaguete

You want to take either bus to Bacolod which goes every 1 hour from 1 am -10:30 pm (Schedule)(Takes 1-1:30h), just make sure to ask that it stops in Bais City as some might take a different route or the bus to Bais, and you get off at Brgy. Calindagan. The bus fare should be around 55php per person.

From Brgy. Calindagan take a tricycle to either Canibol Wharf or  Capinahan Wharf which are the places for island hopping and Manjuyod boat trips.(Usually there will be collected tourist/environmental fee of 50php per person at the tourism office)

From there you can get a boat, by your self or you can join other tourists (Takes 20 min to the sandbars) 

Below you can see more info about Prices of the boats, Schedule and other worthy reading tips.

More Information

  • Prices of the boats.

Now the prices of boats.It all depends, which company, which “package”, whether you want to rent the whole boat for you or join with other tourists it all changes price completely.This place is best to go with groups of 4 or more.  So there are at least 4 people to share the fee(But you will probably meet other tourists so you can kindly ask if you can join them and you split fare).
    • You can rent a whole boat, that ranges from 3500-5000php, they fit 10-20 people. So as you can see if you gather 10 people you can split a fare of 3500 and each will have to pay 350php or 500php if you will get a more expensive price, sometimes it can be 950php per person including lunch and dolphin watching.
    • Prices may vary from what im posting here, but not by much. Sometimes you can meet people that will offer you boat for cheaper etc.
  1. Manjuyod Sandbar Boats For Rent
    1. 3500php, maximum of 10 people (350php each)
    2. You can go anytime to the sandbar, but if you want low tide view you need to set up the date that has low tide time.
    3. You can go back to port anytime as well, its your decision.
    4. The port is located in Manjuyod not Bais.
    5. Lunch is not included in this price (Depends on the food you would wish to have for lunch)
      1. Cost of lunch can range from 2500ph (1-5 people) to 5000php(6-10 people).
    6. So all in all a boat with lunch will cost roughly 8500php, which is 850php per person (Boat fits 10 people) But remember there will have to be 10 people if there will be not enough you split the cost with how many people there are. 
  2. Bais City Dolphin Watching Manjuyod Sandbar and Sportfishing Adventures
    1. Offers Special “Joiner tour“, it cost 950php per person and includes lunch, dolphin watching and sandbar tour.
    2. Tour schedule: 
      • 6 am meet up at Jollibee Bais
      • 6:30 am proceed to Canibol pier
      • 6:35 am to 7 am Board on the boat and depart for dolphin watching and Sandbar tour.
      • Lunch onboard at the sandbar
      • Return to pier 12:30 to 1:00 pm
  3. Manjuyod white sandbar/Dolphin watching-BOAT Rental (Exclusive boat rental 2 people)
    1. Cost is 1800php, without lunch. With lunch its 2800php for 2 people (Boat and lunch)
    2. It includes dolphin watching and Manjuyod white sand bar.
    3. They do not offer joiner type rental.
    4. It begins at 7-8 am and ends at 4-5 pm
Remember that you are free to negotiate the price, you can always ask for some smaller price and negotiate, because sometimes they say 1800 sometimes 2000 or 1600, so if you on budget you can always ask for lower price and see, but these prices should be somewhat similar as what you would expect on the place.

  • Weather and when to go.

You can visit it any time of the year and you will still be amazed by its beauty, however, recommended is that you go during the dry season (March-May), so it will be higher % that there would be no rain and it will be sunny plus the water will be really blue.When it’s high tide the water is up to your waist or shoulders when it’s low tide you can walk on the sandbar. Plan your trip ahead and make sure it’s a sunny day or whether you want to visit there on a high tide or low tide, it is recommended to visit during low tide to appreciate its true beauty.

  • What to expect & Tips

You can for sure expect like you are in a paradise, walking on the sand in the middle of the ocean, really blue water, cottages on the water,  taking a lot of pictures and selfies till the high tide comes and it covers slowly the sandbar, you would still be able to walk as water would be to your ankles, you can lie down in water have fun relax, have fun with your friends and later when the full high tide will arrive the water will be up to your shoulders so you could swim as well.There’s no island where you can hang out or put your stuff(because later it will be in water due to high tide), there are cottages on water,  is similar to what you see in the Maldives but not as beautiful(The cottages because the views are beautiful all around, the cottages are not really well maintained).Before reaching Wharf, or before getting on boat there will be environmental fee collected of around 50php per person.You can stay in one of these cottages for around 3000-3500PHP, just bear in mind that there is no electricity whats so ever, you need to plan your food before you enter the boat. You can book it via Bais Tourism Office. Although don’t expect too much or luxuries in there as some look like they need some repairing done.
  • There is no food on the sandbar (Unless you have food/lunch on the boat included) so there is no shops etc, bring snacks and water from Bais. (Although sometimes there are some vendors selling buko juice, fresh oysters, fish etc. So make sure to bring some cash)
  • Make sure to bring :
    • Power banks
    • Waterproof bags for your electronics
    • Snorkelling gear
    • Sunscreen
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Some snacks and water
    • Camera for pictures !
  • Recommended but not must, is to book a place in Bais day before and the day after Manjuyod trip so you can experience it all in a more relaxed way, although from Dumaguete it should not be that bad as its only short drive.
Perfect fine white sand and blue-turquoise waters. Definitely a must-visit place.

  • Costs
Bus From Dumaguete to Bais / Bus to Dumaguete from Bais55php
Boat rental (Exclusive just 2 people)1800php (2800php with lunch)
Boat rental "joiner" (Where you join other people)350-950php (950 Includes lunch)
Rental of the cottages3500-5000php
Environmental fee50php
Manjuyod sand bar
Manjuyod sand bar

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