Siquijor island

"The mystical island"


Siquijor Paliton Beach

A small majestic island but full of beautiful views wherever you go. From white sand beaches nearly all around the coastline to beautiful waterfalls, caves, mountains and more!

You can come here for a day trip from Dumaguete or come for a few days as the resorts are not expensive. Of course depends on which resorts or Airbnb’s you chose, you can go to Coco Grove where you will need to spend minimum 80£ a night, or you could go to some other resorts around the island that will cost you as low as 15£ a night with even a pool! and you should be happy with it as well because to get to any sandy beach or place around the island it literally takes a short ride as the island is small, so you don’t necessarily need to get resort by the beach.


How to get to Siquijor Island?

*Green – My Experience *Red – I haven’t tried but I researched it for you guys.

By Plane

The airport in Siquijor is really small and not so popular, people mostly come here by boat. There is only 1 option by plane which is from Cebu(Mactan).


    • From Cebu –  ₱4000(£60/$76) per person, with 10kg luggage from Cebu(Mactan) by Air Juan(Takes 40min)

By Boat

By boat you can get to Siquijor from various cities. Bohol, Dumaguete or Cebu. 


    • From Dumaguete– To get to Siquijor you can take either OceanJet ferry which takes roughly 40-50 minutes and costs 250php(£3.70/$4.70), or Roro ferry (Bigger ferry that carries other vehicles and cars) which takes 1:30h and costs 120php(£2.27/$2.80)
    • From Cebu -Traveling by boat from Cebu you will have to stop in Tagbilaran(Bohol). Also, you will have to take the early 7:00 am boat from Cebu to catch the boat to Siquijor same day(10:20 am).
      • Trip time – 4:10h (Including the stop in Tagbilaran)
        • Cebu – Tagbilaran = 7:00-9:00 am (690PHP)
        • Tagbilaran – Siquijor = 10:20-11:40 am (890PHP)
      • Cost – 1,580Php(£24/$30)
      • Notes and tips :
        • Oceanjet ferries leave from Pier 1 in Cebu port
        • Ferries departing to Siquijor at Tagbilaran, depart from the same port as you arrive. If in doubt ask ferry crew any questions you may have they can always help you.

You can find out more about it here

        • Has toilets and you can walk around anytime
        • Drinks, snacks and simple pre-prepared meals (for an extra cost) being served
        • Has Tv and movies being played throughout the trip

What to see in Siquijor Island?

Places/Sightseeing as well as what to do in Siquijor

  1. Paliton Beach
  2. Enchanted Tree
  3. Lagaan Falls
  4. Cambugahay Falls
  5. Lugnason Falls
  6. Kawasan Falls & Cave
  7. Salagdoong Beach

At the first sight at the siquijor/ the map, looks like there is not a lot of places to see especially the main tourist destinations that are a must see, which is true there are only about 3-5 places that are must see and all that you can see in one day. You can rent a tricycle tour for if I remember well 700-1000php, its a day trip around the island stopping for 20min-1h at each main touristy spots.

It’s good for the first experience as you see a lot in 1 day, but for true experience i recommend renting out scooter which is really cheap 6£/7$ a day (300-400php), this way you can go wherever you want and stop anywhere anytime, together with this guide of places to see you will know what each place has to offer and pick places to go according to your likeness. To go all around the island in 1 go without stopping it will take you 1:50h according to google maps, it will take you about 10-30min to go from 1 main touristy spot to another. Let’s get started with what are the places to see in Siquijor

  • Paliton Beach

Amazing white powdery like a sand beach with a breathtaking sunset. It’s a little off from the main road, about 1km away through a little bumpy road but its all worth it for sure. One of my favourite beaches I have ever been, you can just lie down on the sand and relax listening to the waves as there are not many people. Sometimes there might be a group of people having group trips but the beach is long enough to just go to another end to relax. It is also a good spot for snorkelling.

There is no facilities such as toilet etc, as this beach is not yet developed into a tourist destination, that’s why it’s one of the best beaches because such a hidden beautiful gem without a ton of people it’s rare. Although there are sometimes a person or two with their small stalls selling some snacks or food.

  • Enchanted Tree

Siquijor enchanted tree

Century-old Balete tree or as people call it “Enchanted Tree“. A mystical tree full of history, it has over 400 years and has a spring at the base of it where people can have their feet nibbled on by fish, in other words, a feet spa. At first, it will tickle and make you laugh but later it will be quite an interesting experience of getting your feet cleaned up by fish.

It is also the best to place in siquijor that I know to buy souvenirs. This place is a bit commercialized but the overall ambience feel of appreciating nature is still great. The entry costs 10Php which is really cheap for comparing to what it offers, a real must-see when you are in Siquijor.

  • Lagaan Falls

Photo by Ezaiplorer 

Small hidden waterfall, much less crowded than Cambugahay falls. It won’t amaze you as much as Cambugahay falls, but if you have seen most of the touristy places then this is also a place worth visiting. It has a swing where you can swing and drop into the water and most of all it doesn’t have many tourists so there is a big chance you might have this place all to your self.

The entrance fee is 50Php and 10Php for parking, there is about 5 min walk from the parking to the falls. The local guides will most likely accompany you going to the falls and letting you know where it’s safe to jump from the swing and try to make you enjoy your experience more.

  • Cambugahay Falls

Siquijor Cambugahay falls

Another beautiful and breathtaking place to visit in Siquijor. The water is refreshing cold, surprisingly blue and the place has a lot of fun to offer. You can walk up on waterfall by side paths only to find that there are more waterfalls further up there.

There are no fees to enter this waterfall and enjoy its beauty, however, if you want to use a swing they usually will expect a small fee of 20php-50php for unlimited jumps, you can also rent a life jacket for about 100php from people out there. You can go there early in the morning or shortly before they close and you will most likely have this waterfall to your self.

Just for the information that to get to this waterfall you have to go down 135 steps going down and then going up when you leave. Also, there is a small fee for the parking usually 10-20php. The place is usually quite busy but not too busy to not enjoy the experience there, definitely a must-see!

  • Lugnason Falls

Hidden majestic waterfall, with funny guides that make this whole experience on whole new level. It takes about 20 min to get here from Paliton beach, so not far, then you park your scooter and walk down with the guides for about 5 min, not as hard comparing to other falls such as Cambugahay falls or Kawasan falls in siquijor.

The whole experience and the views are just amazing, you are in the middle of the jungle swimming in bluish water with the sound of birds and other creatures around.

There are various jumping spots to the falls, your first thought would be “there is no way people jumping it from here” until you realize that the guides after while start not only jumping from this high swing or jumping spot but can also climb tree even higher to jump from there wow. If you are a beginner I recommend you get used to and jump few times into the water from the bottom where you enter to the fall, then go up the waterfall (be careful it’s slippery) jump from the waterfall and then from the swing. Amazing place and would really recommend anyone to visit at least once if you are in siquijor. Recommended time around 12 pm. Remember to leave some tip for the guides.

  • Kawasan Falls & Cave (Siquijor one)Kawasan-falls-in-siquijor

Picture by Leanne Jurisprudencia

Another really majestic place, this one takes a bit of challenge to go down, a lot of stairs and really high steps too, to get there you have to ride on scooter thru a cornfield which is also majestic but a bit of challenging too but the end result is great. You get really blue water literally as blue as on picture if not even bluer, also you get a swing that’s way lower than Lungason falls, you get sort of slide (The rock on fall is smooth and slippery so people use it as a slide) also you get a cave behind/under a waterfall and that’s all with fewer people than Cambugahay falls (Another fall with super blue water).

I would not recommend it to people with age or some physical issue for example knee problems, because the steps are really high and a lot. Other than this its a really nice place, if I remember well there is a parking fee of 10 or 20 pesos.

  • Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach in siquijor from above

Picture @patriknemec9

Salagdoong is a beautiful beach to visit in Siquijor, it has crystal clear water, sandy beach and cliffs that you can jump from. The beach is about 50min drive from downtown. The road from the main road to the beach is quite rough and uneven so be careful with this. The parking fee is 20php and there is a place where you can buy good food and drinks and enjoy the view of the beach. You can also get to the top of the cliff where people jump from and you can take some really nice pictures from the top of the surroundings and the beach itself. There were few people with swimming around the coastline with snorkelling masks so if you are a fan of this you can for sure enjoy this place even more.

The Best Restaurants in Siquijor Island

You won’t be hungry in Siquijor for sure, wherever you go you should find someplace to eat whether some good restaurants or eateries on the side of the road some eateries can have tasty Filipino food and it’s usually really cheap, just follow the main road and you should find something for you on the side of the road.

  1. Monkey Business
  2. Baha Bar
  3. Dagsa
  4. Dolce Amore Italian Restaurant & Resort
  • Monkey Business

Restaurant together with guest house. They have amazing food, from bowls of chicken rice with vegetables dish to banana fries and really tasty shakes and juices. The prices are not the cheapest but also not too expensive. They have sort of swings, hanging chairs where you can chill by the bar and have some drinks also they have sand on the ground, the place really has nice ambience and feel. They often have people playing music or singing in the evenings. Really recommend this place to see and have something to eat. It is also easy to find as it is right by the main road about 5 min drive from Paliton Beach. Just a note, bring some hand fan as they are outside, so its outside temperature and if there is no wind you will sweat because their ceiling fan is a bit pointless as its way too high and doesn’t hit you.

Menu and prices:

  • Baha Bar

Another great place to eat in the Siquijor that has nice ambience feel and delicious food for the affordable price. The food is always fresh and healthy, they have a large variety of cocktails to choose from. During the tourist season, the place might be quite busy and you will be lucky to get a seat without booking in the busiest hours. They have wifi and they too have live music during the evenings. It is one of the best places to eat in the Siquijor. This place is about 10 min drive from Palinton Beach.

  • Dagsa

One more place in Siquijor to eat really good food, it’s quite pricey but you get really good food and quite a big portion, the place has nice decorations and you can enjoy live music. The portions are quite of a good size, sometimes good for 2 and the staff is nice, welcoming and helpful. It is right next to Monkey Business so 5 min from Palinton Beach.

Menu so you can see what kind of prices there are.Dagsa restaurant menu and prices

  • Dolce Amore Italian Restaurant & Resort

Authentic Italian restaurant with really tasty food prepared by an Italian couple. The staff is really approachable, kind and helpful. The prices for the food are good considering the quality and quantity that you receive. The food is really good and authentic, you can almost feel that you are in Italy and you can taste so much flavour. The owners are a young Italian couple that is really welcoming and friendly. The service is really good and fast. Recommend this place to people who love flavorful and tasty food.

Didn’t take pictures of the menu but the price of this pizza, if I remember well, was somewhere between 250-350p, the pizza was really good, best pizza we have tasted in the Philippines


The place I would avoid for food : 

  • MARCO POLO Italian Restaurant pizza&pasta

There was no food that made me as disappointed as this one. Maybe because it had “Italian” in the name so we set our hopes up.

Wrong, the pizza ughh we couldn’t finish this, it was a pizza made with what tasted like spaghetti sauce instead of tomato sauce, the dough of pizza tasted like the pizza you buy frozen in the store, the “pepperoni” omg! it was spam ham! what even, total disaster it should not be called Italian. Spaghetti? Flavourless i mean, how can you ugh no comments.

I leave this picture here.

Plus this was not even that cheap comparing the quality to for example Dolce Amore, it was about similar pricing, wow. The boss didn’t even say anything not even hello, however, the waitress was really nice. Maybe if you never tried real pizza it would be ok, edible, but once you tasted real pizza its just disappointment, if you are super hungry literally starving its ok to eat there, but if you want to eat Italian food or any other good food, please save your money and go some other places like listed above.

How to travel around Siquijor Island?

How to get around Siquijor island – You can either hire a motorbike/scooter or get a tricycle to travel you to somewhere where you wish on Siquijor. I strongly recommend renting a motorbike/scooter as there are not many tricycles going around the islands and you could just be waiting by the side of the road for quite long till you will see some tricycle coming your way. The siquijor island does not have many drivers as for example Dumaguete so you don’t need to worry about being around 10+ other drivers, or you don’t need to worry about crazy big lorries or buses because there are barely any. 

  • Renting Motorbike

You can hire motorbike/scooter for about 250-350php per day. It is worth negotiating if they offer you a higher price, for example, 450php and see if you could lower the price, sometimes they offer you 450php a day and when you reject and say you will check some other, they will often lower the price, but that’s recommended if you get high price at first, usually if they offer 250-350 then that’s a good price that most will have the same. Also if you are renting for more than a day, for example, a week then you can get the lowest price range per day, for example, 250/300php a day.

Most places where you can rent motorcycle/scooter are right by the port, most likely or always there will be people greeting you and asking you to come with them and guide you to the rental places, but if you don’t like being rushed as i am then you can just say that you already have hired bike or you don’t need help thank you and they will most likely leave you alone and go for some other person.

There are also couple of bike rentals further away from port, just walk straight from the port about 2-3min walk and you can see few rental places on left side, they might have cheaper prices and not rushing you since they away from the port and all the first comers.

You can also get your bike rented from some resorts, but they often charge a higher amount and require you to return the bike by 6 pm. The best bet is to just rent some bike right at the port.

They will also ask you for some ID so they can keep it for the time you rent the bike and after you return they will return it. (Driving license not accepted)

  • Hire a tricycle 

You can hire a tricycle trip to San Juan town for about 150-250Php. For a day trip around the island is 1000Php. You can rent them right when you get off the boat at the port. You can see the signs on the left where the tricycles are, they have usually written where they will go and the price, sometimes they offer higher price than what it is on the sign but you can bargain a little and you can get it cheaper.

This way of travelling around Siquijor is useful for people visiting it only for a day trip and at the end of the day going back to for example Dumaguete, or for the people that don’t really know much what to see in Siquijor but they heard a little or saw and would want to see(The tricycles will most likely cover all the top places to see). However, with this guide/page about siquijor, you should know what to see in Siquijor and where to go so the best bet is to rent a motorcycle / Scooter.

Further tips

Stop buying water bottles!  Use water dispenser, to save your money as well as save the environment. 

Have you ever stayed at a hotel room without water, so you had to buy water bottles, and just after 2 days of staying most of your trash bin was just crushed water bottles? Not only this but did you had a pocket full of 1Peso coins after a few days and were wondering what to do with them? Then you should also look into just refilling from water dispensers.

To buy new 1L water bottle it usually cost from 20-30Peso, to refill 1L Bottle costs 4Peso, and most likely the water come from similar if not the same source and they taste exactly the same and they are safe.

Just a quick calculation.

You usually would buy about 2 1L Water bottles a day, which adds to about let’s say 50Pesos. after 7 days thats 350Pesos just for water and 14 bottles in the trash.

With refilling to refill 14 1L bottles it will cost you 56Pesos. That’s about 294Pesos saving a week, thats like a good 2 pecho with rice in Mang Inasal.

You can find many dispensers along the road and by the shops. They are all over where we have travelled to, Bohol, Cebu, Malapascua, Manila, Dumaguete so i think they are all over the Philippines. We weren’t sure what it is at first, usually avoided it until we decided to give it a try and to our surprise, from that point, we were only using this dispenser. Of course, sometimes you cannot find them so we just bought 1 Water bottle but we usually try to refill 2 1L bottles so we don’t need to worry about water when we travel.

They look like this and they can be different colours than on the picture.

Water dispenser in the philippinesWater dispenser in the Philippines


Did you find the post helpful? Do you have any suggestions? Please let us know in the comments below!

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